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Nora Koerber

Nora Koerber has been a professional illustrator for her adult working life. In the past few years, Ms Koerber has started painting en plein air, creating landscapes. New to fine art painting but possessing a solid background in drawing and illustration, she explores other genres, such as figurative, seascape, still life, and some forays into abstract realism.

She describes her style of painting as “Impressionistic Realism.” She employs a painterly approach to
her work, with gestural brushstrokes that convey a romantic sensibility to her subjects. Stippling; occasions of quick, small dabs of paint may also be used, that effect “energy”; the flickering of light that falls on a subject. Texture is lent by allowing areas of paint that are initial lay-ins, to reveal the tracks of what a painting is, revealing the medium and the artist’s hand in its initial, raw state.

A touch of Modernism and the Traditional coalesce in her paintings. They have a lively spirit, while still conveying form with grace.

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