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Lynn Attig

Lynn Attig paints with pastels, luscious sticks of pure pigment, which she says are magical, colorful, light- refractive and archival. As a child in rural Washington state, she often sat in the tall grass, sketchpad and pencil in hand, while her horses grazed beside her. At age 11, she won a newspaper art contest with her drawing of a horse running along a fence, entitled, The Grass is Always Greener. She was inspired by her parents, who had immersed the family in fine arts, from music and dance to writing and painting. So, it was natural that art would pop up throughout her life in different ways.

A few years later, horses would re-enter her life when her family acquired a ranch in the California Central Coast. It was a chance for her to return regularly to the country and paint horses, cows and the Western landscape. Her first solo show, “The Still Wild West,” in 2014 captured the beauty and traditions of California ranch life through 45 original pastel paintings, many of which sold on opening night.

Lynn loves sharing her art with others and especially the medium of pastel. She is co-founder, president emerita, and vice president of communications for the Pastel Society of Southern California. Lynn is also the founder and director of the annual Rejoice in Art! Fine Art Fair & Exhibition, which ran five consecutive years (2015-2019) at Riviera UMC in Redondo Beach, Calif.; as well as a board member of the Pacific Arts Group of the Palos Verdes Art Center.

The recipient of many awards, her paintings are included in both corporate and private collections in the U.S. and Europe.

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