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Lyn Bennett

Lyn Bennett never imagined being a muralist as a profession. “Life has a way of taking you on it’s
own journey.” She grew up in California and always had a creative spirit. As a young girl she won multiple awards for her drawings and paintings.

After graduating high school she decided to pursue a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona of California. After graduating she landed a job at Metropolitan Water District of Southern
California working in the landscape department then transferred to the land surveying department.

Although she still creates landscape designs to this day, another creative venture manifested itself. After painting her daughter’s room in 1998 word traveled and a career in painting murals developed. In 2004 she won a local mural contest. Then in 2005 she won the bid to paint the Blacksmith mural on Curry Street in Tehachapi California. She also had the opportunity in 2008 to work under Master Muralist Art Mortimer while painting the Monolith mural on F Street in Tehachapi California. Since then she has painted countless murals from Washington to Temecula California. She has painted water tanks, propane tanks, gas station walls, churches, schools, multiple homes, and canvases. In January of 2022 Lyn was featured on the cover of Tehachapi Living magazine for her work as a local muralist.

Lyn loves the physicality of painting murals and the satisfaction of turning a blank wall into something interesting.
“Every job is different and it’s always an incredible learning experience.”

See Lyn's Art

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