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Karen Winters

Karen Winters is a California native for whom art has been a lifelong passion. She received her BA from UCLA, minoring in Art History. A master’s degree in journalism led to award- winning careers in advertising, then broadcast news and documentary film-making. She is also the author of instructional books on advertising and Photoshop.

Now a full-time artist with a passion for plein air painting, Karen participates in art shows and competitive invitational events with various organizations. Through group and solo shows, her work has been exhibited at the Autry National Center of the American West, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, the San Luis Obispo, Santa Paula, Riverside and Long Beach art museums, the Yosemite National Park Museum Gallery, and many others. Her work is in numerous public collections, including that of the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Her paintings have also been included in the national shows of the National Watercolor Society and the American Impressionist Society and featured in national and regional publications including American Art Collector.

An avid outdoor painter and traveler, she uses her field studies of landscapes throughout California and the west to create larger works in studio. Working primarily in oil, she draws inspiration from the early California impressionists and paints in that tradition. Her goal is to communicate deep feeling to the observer, which, depending upon the natural subject matter, may be as diverse as tranquility, joy, strength, majesty, freedom, resilience, or awe.

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