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Julie Bell

Though currently living in East Tennessee, Julie Bell has spent considerable time in the Tehachapi area at her small ranch located between Bear Valley and Stallion Springs. Julie retired from her 25 year career as a geochemist in order to pursue her passion for art.

While working as a scientist in the LA area Julie undertook art training as time permitted at Chaffee College, Pomona College, Scripps College and the Art Center College of Design. She also benefited from private instruction from artists including Dwight Dreyer, Joseph Todorovitch and the late Mark Westermoe.

Julie works in several media but is currently focusing on figure and portrait painting in oil. Working in concert with Tehachapi area wine grape growers she wrote and submitted a petition to the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for the Tehachapi Mountains to be designated as an American Viticultural Area. Writing the petition required Julie to become familiar with Tehachapi area history, agriculture, climate and topography. The wine industry calls the combination of these things “terroir”. Julie draws upon her love of the Tehachapi landscape, people and terroir for inspiration in her artwork.

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