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April Whitco

April is a landscape oil painter, who works out of her home studio in Tehachapi, California. As an Art Therapist by training, she allows the same topics that guided her work in the mental health field to now guide her creative endeavors – including mindfulness, self-reflection and the act of self-care through the creative process. Her landscapes focus on sunsets, light through trees and sunlight reflected on water.

Calming colors and light on the horizon are metaphors in her work that represent hope. For April, painting is about being in the present moment, capturing an emotion and finding peace in the beauty of nature. Her work is a direct link to the feelings she experiences when outdoors, enjoying a sunlit trail or watching the sunset.

April has a Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy and has 10+ years experience working with children and families, though she no longer practices. April has been painting scenes of vast skies and landscapes for the last four years and believes to have found her true calling as an artist.

Currently, April is balancing the demands of motherhood and artist, as she gave birth to a baby boy at the end of last year. She is focusing on her craft during nap times and prioritizing a select number of shows for 2024. April lives with her husband and two sons, and when she is not painting, she enjoys being out in nature, hiking and exploring with her family.

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